About Us

Dan Dunlop

Dunlop Entertainment delivers the music you love to hear in full HD live-streaming concert experiences. Our live streaming concerts create experiences and memories that keep fans connected to the music they love to hear.

From Dunlop Entertainment, Daniel Dunlop writes… “For year’s, one of my favorite at home music experiences was to lower the lights, crank up the audio, turn on the large screen TV and watch, dance, and be entertained by quality live streaming concerts. These became such epoch events that we would invite friends over (especially on New Year’s Eve) and plan our evening around high quality live concert shows. We had all of the fun with none of the hassle (and certainly not the expense) of traveling to a live show. Dunlop Entertainment was born out of the desire to connect the providers of the music to the fans of the music. Everything we do is built on providing you with the best “at-home” concert experience including high definition video and audio…and of course amazing entertainers that bring it all to life.

Dunlop Entertainment is a division of Dunlop Productions. For twenty-five years, Dunlop Productions has been creating live event experiences for the corporate and consumer sectors alike. From corporate meetings, video production, music shows and large scale festivals, Dunlop Productions has always been on the cutting edge of quality entertainment, show production, and creative experiences.